Gap Year & Volunteering in Vietnam

Doing a Gap Year Program in Vietnam is a great way to gain new experiences whilst learning more about the local culture and the Vietnamese people. Our Volunteering Experience in Ho Chi Minh City might be just what you are looking for.


vietn-lynn-volunteer-vietnamI have just returned from Vietnam where I had my first experience of volunteering. In the 3 weeks I was there I met some amazing people and would thoroughly recommend the experience to everybody. The Vietnamese people we met were welcoming and friendly and the time spent there will always be remembered by me fondly. I look forward to returning in the future.
Chereyne Colby

gap-150-GladysWhat’s a pleasure for me to help at the Orphanage! The children are so kind, they are so happy to see volunteers. I love to be with them. And I would even like to change my career and to work with children when I will go back to home in France. Thanks to your organisation and what it gives to the children and to volunteers.
Gladys Bechet (France)

Vietnam Volunteer Experience

Join our volunteering program in Vietnam in exciting Ho Chi Minh City for an amazing experience. The Vietnam Volunteer Experience is for a minimum of 2 weeks. You start with the Culture Week, this gives participants everything they need to know to gain a basic understanding of the fascinating city of Ho Chi Minh, both past and present.

After this you start with your volunteering. You can choose between 3 projects : Orphanage, Working with Disabled Children and the Food Shop Project.

You can do the Vietnam Volunteer Experience as a 2 week program or extend it by booking extra week(s).

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