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Volunteer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We are delighted that you are interested to give time, energy and enthusiasm to those in need in Vietnam. Vietnam is a wonderful place to do your volunteering abroad program. We have some wonderful projects available in Vietnam such as volunteering in an orphanage. The projects are located in Ho Chi Minh City. Our programs in allow you to take part in meaningful volunteer work whilst discovering the people and the culture of Vietnam.


volunteer in vietnam


The Program

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Start Dates: Start every Monday throughout the year
Arrival and Departure : Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Son Nhat International Airport (on Sunday)


Our program in Vietnam based in Ho Chi Minh City has received fantastic feedback from our volunteers. We have several projects available and with our program you are able to get involved in different projects. This will give you a unique and worthwhile experience during your program. You can also be placed in one project if you want, just let us know.

We offer great flexibility to our volunteers. Our program in Vietnam starts every Monday throughout the year. This will give you a lot of flexibility in organizing your trip and will allow you to find the best prices flight. You need to arrive on Sunday. The volunteering is from Monday to Friday with the weekend off to explore Ho Chi Minh City.

Join our Volunteer in Vietnam Program in Ho Chi Minh City where you can do volunteer work including volunteering in an orphanage or in a hospital and several other projects in Ho Chi Minh City.


I have just returned from Vietnam where I had my first experience of volunteering.
In the 3 weeks I was there I met some amazing people and would thoroughly
recommend the experience to everybody. Mrs. Hang and her family were wonderful
and gave us the opportunity to experience the local culture which also involved working at
several different projects. The Vietnamese people we met were welcoming and friendly and
the time spent there will always be remembered by me fondly. I look forward to returning in the future.
Chereyne Colby (Australia)

I had AN AMAZING time - it was a wonderful and rewarding experience. I even enjoyed 'peeling vegetables' at the Soup Kitchen! I was made to feel so wanted and welcome from absolutely everybody. Ms Hang was fabulous. I got on with her exceptionally well. And what a joy and privilege to help out with the disabled children at the orphanage - one little boy could hardly move and was obviously in some pain BUT he had the biggest smile ever. The books, pencils, crayons etc I took out were gratefully received and some of the children drew me amazing pictures! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and I will definitely do it again!
Sheila Kleinmann (UK)

My daughter, Demi, and her friend Amy and I all travelled to Vietnam to spend two weeks volunteering with WLS. We had the most wonderful young girls, both recently graduated from college (as did my girls) who work for Ms. Hang, guide us through Ho Chi Minh City, to our volunteer sites. Ms. Trang and Ms. Ngoc were excellent guides, and after two weeks, we were sharing dinners together, and looking forward to meeting again, having become friends. The volunteering was mind expanding, and rewarding. We met dozens of Vietnamese men and women who were volunteers at our various stops, very few of whom spoke any English, but language wasn't necessary. We were all there for one reason, compassion and caring. We spoke through our eyes and with laughter. The Vietnamese are the most friendly and welcoming people I have met anywhere in the world. Most rewarding was our time spent at the Orphanage. The experiences we had with these special children was unlike anything we had ever undertaken in our lives. We spent two days at a school for the deaf, and enjoyed being with a group of teens, who again, without language, we communicated with in many creative ways, through games and gesture. A special group to be sure. This was an incredible time of our lives, and to have shared it with my daughter and her friend was amazing. We will cherish our memories. Thank you WLS, and Trang and Ngoc!
Lynn Gagliardi (USA)

What’s a pleasure for me to help at the Orphanage! The disabled children are so kind, they are so happy to see volunteers. I love to be with them. And I would even like to change my carreer and to work with disable children when I will go back to home in France. Thanks to your organisation and what it gives to the children and to volunteers.
Gladys Bechet (France)


Program Requirements

The minimum age for joining the program is 18. There are no specific qualifications needed to join the program in Vietnam. However, volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient as well as possess a passion and love for children.


Volunteer Projects

You start your program with the Culture Week. This action packed week combines all elements of Vietnamese cuture, both past and present. You will visit historic monuments of the city, see the world famous water puppet show. This is coupled with learning basic language and cooking skills and also learning all you need to know about the 1970's war. This culture week gives participants everything they need to know to gain a basic understanding of the fascinating city of Ho Che Minh, both past and present.

Our program in Vietnam is a unique experience! During the program you will be able to get involved in different projects during your time in Vietnam. We have different projects available.

More info on the projects go to our main website : click here




The WLS International Country Manager in Vietnam is Ms Hang



I can honestly say this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Hang met me at the airport and then continued to be an anchor of support whenever I needed it. She went out of her way to make me and the other volunteers welcome. She is absolutely fantastic. The volunteering I did was such an enriching experience, All the people I met were so generous, happy to share their lives and experiences and really happy to spend what little time I had with them and so I thank them and your organization for enabling me to do this. I have recommended WLS International to many people and so I hope I can help to spread the good work you are doing.
Shilpa Mistry


The program is very enriching and presented a lot of opportunities for me to experience life in a different aspect. Ms Hang was fantastic, she did a really marvelous job there and the way she had guided me and supported me was excellent.
Keith Tang


This was my first international volunteer experience, and my first experience traveling alone in another country. I couldn't imagine having had a better experience. The volunteer coordinator, Hang was incredible. The actual volunteering was incredibly rewarding. I felt appreciated by the kids and the workers at the orphanage and center for street children. The experience has truly been life changing for me, and I would encourage anyone interested in the program to pursue it! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!!
Carrie Reichert


My trip to Vietnam exceeded all my expectations and more. It really was a truly amazing experience and I can not wait to go back. The atmosphere in the orphanage is so welcoming, the children are so happy despite their disabilities and the staff were very helpful. I would certainly recommend WLS International also, from the first enquiry to booking the trip to everything while you are out there, i always felt i had an anchor of support and was able to have a truly life changing experience.
Lisa-Jane White


I volunteered in Vietnam with WLS, which was definitely the best trip and best experience of my life! I really enjoyed working at every project, every project is very satisfying in his own way. I will never forget my stay in Vietnam and I'm planning to do similar volunteer work in the next few years!
Michael Reyn


I had the most incredible time volunteering with WLS Vietnam! The people I was working with were fabulous, the kids were beautiful, Ms Hang was delightful and the other volunteers were amazing! I just had such a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back again!
Lindsay Morton