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Volunteer Projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We have several projects available in Ho Chi Minh City. With us you will be placed in different projects which will enable you to get a unique and fulfilling experience. If you want you can also be placed in just one program, just let us know. Your individual program will be organized based upon your preferences, skills & areas of interest and the needs of the projects.



Shelter for Street Children

About The Project
This is a shelter for street children in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The charity provides accommodation, education, recreational activities and opportunities for street children and orphaned children so they can get a job when they grow up and go back home to integrate with their own families or build their own live. There are 20 children at this shelter from the age of 6 years old. This project is very popular with our volunteers. The staff is very friendly and the kids are just wonderful!

Volunteer Activities
Volunteers at this project offer valuable support and education to the children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. You will be teaching conversational English to the children and offer support to the children whilst being a positive role model for the children. You will become involved in a variety of activities, including teaching English, outdoor activities, helping with their homework and playing with the children.



About the Orphanage
The orphanage is part of a Buddhist temple and is located inside the Buddhist Temple. There are 120 orphaned children in the orphanage. About half of the children are disabled. The orphanage is 45 minutes from the hotel accommodation.

Volunteer Activities
Volunteer can help to feed the children and they can also play with the children. Activities also include helping the children to walk out in the garden.


Soup Kitchen

About The Project
This is a charity in Ho Chi Minh City which provides free food to poor people at hospitals for cancer patients. They prepare and distribute up to 2000 meals per day.

Volunteer Activities
You will help in the food preparation and the cutting of vegetables. You can also join the delivery of the food to the poor. The volunteers at the project prepare around 2000 meals per day and deliver them by hand to poor people around the city.


Charity for Pregnant Women

About The Project
This is a charity providing shelter, food and career support for misfortune pregnant girls who can stay at this project until they give birth to their child. After that, they can continue to stay here if they want for some time. There are many cases of young girls or women who get pregnant without getting support from the father of the child and in many cases their family does not want to support them either as they are pregnant whilst not being married.

Volunteer Activities
This charity is good for female volunteers who can provide support, teach English and be a good role model for the girls. The volunteers who have a medical qualifications can provide help such as teaching the girls primary health care education.


School for Deaf Children

About The Project
This school helps and provides education to deaf children in Ho Chi Minh City. The school has about 130 deaf students from 3-22 years old.

Volunteer Activities
The volunteers help teaching English, computer skills, drawing or playing with the students. Volunteers can do these activities with the assistance of the teachers there or they can learn some sign language.



volunteer testimonial

The program is very enriching and presented a lot of opportunities for me to experience life in a different aspect. Ms Hang was fantastic, she did a really marvelous job there and the way she had guided me and supported me was excellent.
Keith Tang

volunteer testimonial

This was my first international volunteer experience, and my first experience traveling alone in another country. I couldn't imagine having had a better experience. The volunteer coordinator, Hang was incredible. The actual volunteering was incredibly rewarding. I felt appreciated by the kids and the workers at the orphanage and center for street children. The experience has truly been life changing for me, and I would encourage anyone interested in the program to pursue it! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!!
Carrie Reichert

volunteer testimonial

My trip to Vietnam exceeded all my expectations and more. It really was a truly amazing experience and I can not wait to go back. The atmosphere in the orphanage is so welcoming, the children are so happy despite their disabilities and the staff were very helpful. Ms Hang is the main reason why my trip was such an amazing experience. Nothing is too much for her and she is always on hand for support. I would certainly recommend WLS International also, from the first enquiry to booking the trip to everything while you are out there, i always felt i had an anchor of support and was able to have a truly life changing experience.
Lisa-Jane White