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Volunteer Projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We have several projects available in Ho Chi Minh City. With us you will be placed in different projects which will enable you to get a unique and fulfilling experience. If you want you can also be placed in just one program, just let us know. Your individual program will be organized based upon your preferences, skills & areas of interest and the needs of the projects. We advice volunteers to combine different projects as this will enable you to have a very special experience.

On the online application form you can build your own schedule of your program in Vietnam.

These are the projects that are available :


Volunteer in Orphanage

Soup Kitchen

School for Deaf Children



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The WLS International Country Manager in Vietnam is Ms Hang



This was my first international volunteer experience, and my first experience traveling alone in another country. I couldn't imagine having had a better experience. The volunteer coordinator, Hang was incredible. The actual volunteering was incredibly rewarding. I felt appreciated by the kids and the workers at the orphanage and center for street children. The experience has truly been life changing for me, and I would encourage anyone interested in the program to pursue it! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!!
Carrie Reichert