Gap Year & Volunteer in the Philippines

Have your Gap Year Experience in the Philippines and get to know this wonderful country with its friendly Filipino people in a worthwhile, meaningful and exciting way. The Philippines is a real up-and-coming gap year destination. Situated in South East Asia, the Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, making up one of the world’s largest and most beautiful coastlines. The Philippines is a diverse country that welcomes foreigners with generous hospitality.

Doing a volunteer in Philippines program in the Philippines is a great way to gain new experiences and skill sets while learning much more in depth about the local Filipino culture and the local people. If you’re looking for a gap year or volunteer experience in the Philippines full of culture, volunteering and adventure then check out our volunteer programs in he Philippines!

volunteer in philippines


We had an amazing time teaching the kids. They were absolutely adorable and seeing the smiles on their faces is exactly what we came for. The coordinators are some of the nicest people we have ever met. They were more then accommodating and took great care of us.
Julia Fisher & Maegen Roset, Canada

The program was a great experience for me. I wanted to see and help children who have a very different up bringing. I have learnt a lot about the Filipino culture. The kids I taught were very smart and happy. They were very willing to learn which was amazing.
Kate Darling, Australia

It’s a great program! The children love to learn and it’s nice to see them enjoying the meals we prepare for them. I was new at teaching and the coordinator helped me to get started and I ended up loving it. I truly enjoyed my time in The Philippines. It was an experience I will never forget.
Marianne Van Camp, Belgium

Philippines Volunteering

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