Volunteer in the Philippines with WLS International

Situated on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines diverse cultural history makes the Philippines one of the most fascinating destinations in Asia. Filipinos are some of the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet and travel in the Philippines has much to offer the traveller: stunning scenery, excellent diving and beautiful beaches. Our program will allow you to be part of a meaningful community project whilst also discovering local culture and people of the Philippines. It is a fantastic way to make a difference and totally immerse yourself into the local Filipino culture.


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WLS International is a organization and we organize volunteer programs throughout Asia. Whether you are on a gap year, a break from college, on a career break or on a volunteer trip you will have a role to play and your contribution will be valued. Our projects connect international volunteers with volunteer opportunities in the Philippines. Our program allows volunteers to make a real difference in poor communities.

The Philippines is truly a unique jewel in Southeast Asia with many natural wonders and sights and with the wonderful local Filipino people who are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Unfortunately poverty remains a significant problem in The Philippines. Around one in three Filipinos live below the poverty line.

Typhoon Haiyan also caused a lot of damage in the areas where we organise our programs. The damage was mainly material damage to houses and buildings which means these already very poor people had to rebuild their houses. Fortunately, besides the damage to buildings and houses, all the children and staff involved in our projects were fine after typhoon Haiyan.

Volunteer in the Philippines with WLS International with volunteering abroad projects in the Philippines, including Teaching, Childcare, Special Needs, Working with Hill Tribes and Construction and Renovation. We have some wonderful volunteering projects in beautiful Davao which will give you the opportunity to experience the Philippines in a very meaningful way.


Our Program in The Philippines

Volunteer in Davao, Philippines






We had an amazing time teaching and interacting with the kids. It was a great week and we are very happy we got the chance to participate in this project.
Julia Fisher & Maegen Roset



It's a great program! The children love to learn and it's nice to see them enjoying. I truly enjoyed my time in The Philippines. It was an experience I will never forget.
Marianne Van Camp