Volunteer in China

Have your volunteering experience in China in the lovely village of Fengyan you can volunteer in a kindergarten, teaching English to kids.


My volunteering program in China was great and I learned a lot. I enjoyed the program and I would do it again!
Celine Sanders, Netherlands

It was an awesome experience for me in China volunteering with the children and I would love to do it again.
Sissel Engholm, Denmark

China Volunteer Program

Volunteer in a Kindergarten in rural China. This program is based in the beautiful mountain area in the North East of Guangxi province in the small village of Fengyan. This village is a mainly Yao Minority community of approximately 1300 people, many of whom are farmers. Beyond the big cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the rural communities in China. These are often poor, existing on subsistence farming to earn a living. Fengyan is one such community. It is a small but well preserved village in Guangxi province in the South of China 42kms from Yangshou and 104 kms from the city of Guilin. It typifies the traditional rural way of life in China.

The first week of your programme will include a Cultural Immersion Week, to ensure you get the most out of your stay and get into the ‘swing of things by learning about the culture, arts, history and Chinese language. The second week you will start with your volunteer experience at the kindergarten.

The Cultural Immersion Week is a great way to get used to ‘real’ life in China. You will be exposed to rural village life, learn more about the local customs and learn basic Chinese, including how to bargain for a good price at the local market. During your stay you will gain first hand experience of the lives of the local people such as visiting a village family home to take tea with them. You will learn about Chinese customs, history and social issues.

You will be volunteering at a Kindergarten. At the Kindergarten, the children are about 4/5 years old. They are mainly from the poor villages in and around the area, they will be excited to see you. You will be one of the first westerners they have met! The kindergarten, like kindergartens throughout the world is informal, and the children will want to play with you more than be taught in a formal sense. If you can start to get them enthused about coming to school, and perhaps give them a few very basic English phrases such as simple greetings, you will have done a great and enjoyable job.

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