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Volunteer in China with WLS International

Volunteer in China with WLS International. In China we have different volunteering projects available in China usch as projects with the Giant Panda, community projects and the China Road Trip. Join us for an amazing volunteer experience in China!



In China we have many wonderful volunteering programs available in wonderful locations such as Shanghai where you can teach English at schools. You can also volunteer in a kindergarten in Fengyan, join a campus week in Guilin, volunteer with the Giant Pandas, join the sea turtle conservation program or join the China Road Trip. Wherever you decide to go in China, it will be an amazing adventure!

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I've just returned to after a few months in Asia. Volunteering with the Pandas with WLS International was truly fantastic and all the transport and accommodation arrangements were perfect. I would go back tomorrow, if I could. Thank you for giving people the opportunity to do this!
Camilla du Toit (South Africa)


Volunteer Panda in China

Fengyan Program



China Testimonial

volunteer china

My volunteering program in China with WLS International was great and I learned a lot. My coordinator was excellent. She was very helpful all the time. She also introduced me to other WLS volunteers with whom I had a great time. I enjoyed the program and I would do it again!
Celine Sanders, Netherlands


China Testimonial

volunteer china

I was a volunteer in China with WLS International. It was an awesome experience, and I would love to do it again.
Sissel Engholm, Denmark